Tom WilliamsPresident

Organization: The ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County
City/MSA: Cleveland, Ohio
Term:  2020-2022

Contact: tgwilliams2234@gmail.com

Krisanna MachtmesVice President

Chair, Program Committee

Organization: Ohio University
City/MSA: Athens, Ohio
Term:  2020-2022

Contact: machtmes@ohio.edu

Dr. Nichole Fife, Secretary

Organization: Center for Regional Development

City/MSA: Bowling Green, Ohio 
Term:  2021-2023

Contact: fifenic@bgsu.edu

Thomas Horwood, Treasurer

Organization: ICF 
City/MSA: Canton, Ohio
Term:  2019-2024

Contact: t.j.horwood@icf.com

Jasmine Barfield, Administrative Assistant

OPEG Administrative Assistant

City/MSA: Columbus, Ohio
Term:  2021-2022

Contact: opegonline@gmail.com 


Allison Ricket

Student Board Member

Organization: Building Bridges to Careers
City/MSA: Ohio
Term: 2021-2023

Contact: aricket@bb2careers.org

E. Jean Harper         

Organization: Harper Mack Group, LLC
City/MSA: Springfield, Ohio
Term: 2015-2017; 2017-2019; 2019-2021

Margaret Hutzel 

Chair, Membership Committee

Organization: Ohio University
City/MSA: Athens, Ohio
Term: 2017-2019; 2020-2022

Contact: hutzel@ohio.edu

Amanda Klein-Cox

Organization: Engage with Data

City/MSA: Columbus, Ohio

Term: 2020-2022

Contact: amanda@engagewithdata.com

Rob Moore

Chair, Policy Committee

Organization: Scioto Analysis
City/MSA: Columbus, Ohio
Term: 2020-2022

Contact: rob@sciotoanalysis.com

Calista Smith

Chair, Awards and Elections Committee

Organization: Scale Strategic Solutions
City/MSA: Ohio
Term: 2021-2023

Kelli Qua

Organization: Center for Medical Education
City/MSA: Cleveland, Ohio
Term: 2021-2023

Contact: kelli.qua@case.edu

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