Event: 2022 WE Event: "Not Your Grandmother's Logic Model: Centering People Before Process"

  • 28 Jan 2022

WE is excited to announce our first event for 2022! The panel discussion titled, "Not Your Grandmother's Logic Model: Centering People Before Process" will be held on January 18th, 2022 from 5-6:30pm ET. Here is the event description:


Logic models are a staple of evaluation practice, but the why and how we do them must evolve. The pandemic has uncovered several social and political fractures within communities. Without action, the pandemic could deepen and prolong economic hardship in communities across the United States, especially communities of color. With this in mind, it is imperative that today’s logic model and companion theory of change framework be used in a culturally responsive way and be designed with an appreciation of targeted and measurable community needs. Traditional logic models, for the most part, have long been process-centered. However, the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic demands that logic models become more people-centered.  


We invite you to join our esteemed panelists, Cynthia Phillips, Quisha Brown, and Marisol Meyer as they discuss how to bring people-centered authenticity to the logic model process. Participants should prepare to be challenged to unlearn some things you think you know about logic modeling. We ask that you come open to strategies that can help strengthen your use of logic models in elevating your evaluation practice.

Registration link for members: https://washingtonevaluators.org/event-4504234. All LAC affiliate members can register for FREE using the code: LACMember

For questions, contact: Esther Nolton at esther.nolton@gmail.com

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