Request For Proposals: Women of Color Project Evaluation with IMPACT Safety

  • 04 Oct 2021

Project Request: Evaluation

IMPACT Safety, a program of LifeCare Alliance is a personal safety, and empowered self-defense resource! We teach people of all ages and abilities the critical emotional and physical skills to make safe choices, and live with more confidence. IMPACT has been teaching empowered personal safety and self-defense in the Columbus and surrounding area since 1993.

Project Background:

For the past nine months, we have been collecting data from women of color about their knowledge, experience, and thoughts around empowerment self-defense. Data has been collected through 1 – 1 interviews, focus groups, and on line surveys. We have collected approximately 100 – 200 pieces of data. We are at the stage of data analysis. We want to know the major themes of the data, the major sub – themes and how these findings can influence course design and offerings to WOC.

Project Goals:

We want to be able to answer:

 What’s the general knowledge about ESD among WOC?

 What does self – defense even mean to WOC?

 What are barriers to exploring an ESD program?

 Is there interest in participating in an ESD program?

 What comes up for you when you think of self– defense?

 Would you participate in an Empowerment Self Defense class? Why? or Why Not?

 What are the personal, social, political, and spiritual aspects of self-defense? (Cultural, age, environment, spirituality, faith, personal history, family history, abilities)          

We also want to know demographic data – as in do those 20-30, think x? The capture of this data will be general, as we did not capture specific demographics with everyone we interviewed. Additionally, we would like recommendations and suggestions for further research.


We do have a budget for remuneration that is based on $25 hr. within a not to “exceed amount,” which will be negotiated with evaluator, as the scope of work is more specifically defined.


The timeframe for this project September 1 – November 1, 2021.


 Previous experience with analysis of different data sets.

 Ability to work independently and in collaboration with the WOC Team

 Have interest in the subject

Questions: Julie Harmon, Ph.D., or 614-437-2884. Learn more about IMPACT Safety


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